A Spy in the House of Love
by Anais Nin
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Sabrina is a firebird blazing through 1950s New York: she is a woman daring to enjoy the sexual licence that men have always known. Weaving a sensual web of deceit as she plays dangerous games of desire, she deliberately avoids commitment, gripped by the pursuit of pleasure for its own sake. In "A Spy in the House of Love", Anais Nin's vision of feminine sexuality is expressed with a ferocious dramatic force.

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Robot-melRobot-mel wrote a review
This month's <lj user="bibliogoth"> book took awhile to grow on me. (For all that I read it in a day). I really enjoyed the writing style, but the apparent gender differences in the first half just bothered me a bit too much. I could see people arguing about how this was a good example of the "intrinsic" differences between men and women and their attitudes towards sex. I also wasn't sure why the main character was so interested in going and sleeping with other men when she didn't seem to enjoy it at all. Something changed for the second half and I found myself enjoying it a lot more. Though I still found the main character a little enigmatic. I think it'd be a very good book for a lot of the party people I know and will be interested to hear people's opinion's of it at the meeting.