Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #363 by David Michelinie
Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #363 by David Michelinie

Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #363

Carnage: The Conclusion
by David Michelinie

Curated by Danny Fingeroth, Illustrated or Penciled by Mark Bagley, Colorist Bob Sharen, Jacket design or artwork by Randy Emberlin, Mark Bagley
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Carnage abducts Jonah Jameson seeking a larger audience to the murder. Spidey and Venom see a poster advertising a Headbanger Heaven concert at Madison Square Garden and go there, finding Carnage on stage killing people. Carnage knocks Venom into Penn Station below and follows. Spidey joins Venom and punches Carnage onto the station's third rail to no effect. The three combatants return to the Garden where Spidey frees Jameson, then turns the arena's sound system up full, sonically shocking Venom and Carnage. The younger Carnage symbiote apparently discorporates. Although in agony, Venom manages to grab Spidey. Before Venom can strike a killing blow, Mr. Fantastic jolts him with his sonic gun. Beaten, Venom realizes Spidey summoned Mr.Fantastic and planned to betray him all along. Proof, he believes, that Spidey was never an innocent. In Germany, an older couple prepares to fly to New York, knowing they will change Peter's life forever.