Anorexia Nervosa by Antonio Mancini
Anorexia Nervosa by Antonio Mancini

Anorexia Nervosa

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach: From Biology to Philosophy
by Antonio Mancini
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This is a book that attempts to propose itself as a new trigger in the wide world of anorexia nervosa. The originality of its proposal consists in approaching anorexia nervosa, not only by endocrinological and psychological perspectives, but also by anthropological, philosophical and ethical point of view. In this way it's not only an update of specific literature, but also integration with a new method to study this condition. The purpose of the book is to approach anorexia nervosa from different points of view, to reach a new interpretation which involves notions from biological and human sciences interpreted in a unique model and which could allow a new method of treatment.