Apes of Wrath by Steve Bell
Apes of Wrath by Steve Bell

Apes of Wrath

by Steve Bell

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Apes of Wrath brings together in one volume British cartoonist Steve Bell's viciously funny visual record of the Bush presidency and the Blair sycophancy with a colorful running commentary straight from the monkey's mouth: "I admired his steely determination and his relationship with Jesus, and he understood my need to git Saddam from day one."

From Poppy Bush's first stormin' desert excursion in 1991 to the madness of George II's Baghdad bash, this book also includes the shocking story of the war on terror in glorious color. Read it and prepare to be blitzed!

Steve Bell is Britain's most imaginative and radical satirical cartoonist, whose award-winning If . . . strip has been appearing daily in the Guardian newspaper and the Guardian Weekly for over 20 years.