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Non amo i racconti, ma per Murakami posso fare un'eccezione, e inoltre tante storie brevi mi sembravano l'accompagnamento più adatto per lo splendido viaggio in Giappone che ho fatto nel giugno 2013: del resto, se questo paese è entrato nei miei sogni, lo devo anche e soprattutto a questo meraviglioso scrittore. Di cui, in questa raccolta, ho ritrovato tutte le atmosfere, i personaggi, i temi, i ritmi delle opere più famose, da "Kafka sulla spiaggia" a "Norvegian Wood" (di cui è presente una specie di abbozzo). Un buon punto di partenza per chi non conosce Murakami e vuole "assaggiarlo"; l'abbraccio rassicurante di un vecchio amico per chi lo ama ed è già in astinenza da "IQ84".
princessprincess wrote a review
La scrittura di questo autoreè affascinante, ma spesso viene messa al servizio di trame difficilmente decifrabili, al confine del sogno. Una simile attitudine, calata nella dimensione breve del racconto, finisce per disturbare troppo...non posso pensare di leggere 24 racconti senza capire quale fosse il messaggio dell'autore, per cui mi sono fermata dopo due...
BettieBettie wrote a review
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shortstory-shortstories-novellas, spring-2012, tbr-busting-2012 Read from February 10 to April 20, 2012 24 short stories. BLIND WILLOW; SLEEPING WOMAN fraudio spring 2012 dip in dip out tbr busting 2012 short stories Tried this a couple of years ago however it seems that the timing was not right and put it on the back-burner. This time around gives a 3* and all the Marukami ingredients are in there: Wells - check Cats - check Wishes - check Ghosts - check Earthquake and storm references - check Finished: 20/4 2 likes
Arjan TupanArjan Tupan wrote a review
The Amazing World of Murakami
This is a fantastic read. First of all, the short stories are wonderful, magical and typical Murakami. For the people who haven't read anything by him yet, it's a good primer. It gives great insight in his writing, and is a concise overview of the themes he touches. For the fans, it's a feast of recognition. Familiar story lines, familiar writing style and a familiar sketch of the world. Loved this book.
HelenaHelena wrote a review
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This was my first Murakami. After this one I read what I could get. After David Mitchel;s books I became interested in Japanese litterature.
oliviaolivia wrote a review
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Weird and wonderful, takes you away from reality
As much a fan of Murakami as I am, I have to confess that I do find some of his stories pretty weird and surreal, but nonetheless still very enjoyable in a weird sense. Quite a few stories in this book may seemingly be 'meaningless', but for me the quality in them is really how Murakami can often start off with an ordinary story of everyday life, and turns it into some extraordinary by his magic twist of something surreal, whether it is an iceman, a name-tag stealing monkey or whatever. It makes me ponder about little things in life and what is the meaning of it (if any at all), and encourages me to stretch my imagination with my own ordinary life and see a different side of it. The story I enjoyed most from this book is 'Chance traveller', with Murakami delivering a nice little 'prologue' to this story right at the start as the writer himself. The story itself has a good meaning too. 'Firefly' is great for those who wants a taster of 'Norwegian Wood' - it reads almost identical to one part of his most famous novel. In fact with many short stories you can see Murakami using a number of ideas which you also see in his novel. Overall I find this story collection better than the ones in ' The Elephant Vanishes'.
Claire ZachanassianClaire Zachanassian wrote a review
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I love Murakami, but this collection made me feel so down and gloomy, I had to leave it. So sorry, Haruki!
fruitfruit wrote a review
I always believe Murakami's short stories are often more witty and profound. The book somehow casts a magical spell on me and I am captivated at times, even though for some stories I've already read the Chinese version. Unlike most translated works this book don't suggest itself a translated work, and I find myself enjoy the language as much as the story.
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Murakami's second collection of short stories is a perfect introduction to his writing for freshies. Simply put, all his works can be neatly split into 2 factions - weird shit, and not-so-weird-shit. His shorts allow the novice Murakami reader to traverse both worlds; if the former category appeals, pick up The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle or Hard-Boiled Wonderland And The End Of The World. If the latter appeals, it's South Of The Border West Of The Sun, or Norweigian Wood for you. Either way you'll be in for a treat. These stories chart his writing career for 25 years, and some were initial drafts that later grew into full length novels. Also, they span the range of his literary themes - love, loss, yearning, memory, reality, dualism, parallel lives, invisible intertwined threads of connection. Murakami's writing goes a lot by feel and atmosphere - like passing through a fog and losing your sense of navigation. You can pick apart and analyse each sentence to death, but it's not going to reveal the mysteries inherent between the lines and enlighten you with the meaning the author intended. Interpretation and the motivation of some characters is often left largely up to you. Perhaps some doors are best left locked.
SE小+SE小+ wrote a review
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Re-reading Murakami's works in English, apart from being more impressed and better understanding of his writings, as anticipated, there are no new surprises.