Burning Brightly
Burning Brightly

Burning Brightly

50 Years of Novacon

Contributions by Ian R Macleod, Eric Brown, Paul McAuley, Stephen Baxter, Justina Robson, Geoff Ryman, Iain M. Banks, Jaine Fenn, Kari Sperring, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Martin Sketchley, Juliet E McKenna, Anne Nicholls, Peter F Hamilton, Edited by Ian Whates

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An anthology featuring some of the biggest names in British genre fiction, including rare, previously uncollected stories by Iain M. Banks, Stephen Baxter, Peter F. Hamilton, Justina Robson, Paul McAuley, Juliet E McKennaAnne Nicholls, and Geoff Ryman, alongside original stories by Eric BrownIan R. MacLeod, Martin SketchleyKari Sperring, and Adrian Tchaikovsky

The rare reprints all appeared originally in souvenir booklets given to attendees of the Novacon convention and featuring original work by that year's Guest of Honour.

The very best of British Science Fiction.