But It’s Your Family… by Sherrie Campbell
But It’s Your Family… by Sherrie Campbell

But It’s Your Family…

Cutting Ties with Toxic Family Members and Loving Yourself in the Aftermath
by Sherrie Campbell
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But Its Your Family is a remarkable account of what it means to cut ties to toxic family abuse and thrive in the aftermath.
Loving someone doesnt always mean having a relationship with them, just like forgiveness doesnt always mean reconciliation. Reconciling, in many cases, only sets people up for more abuse. A significant part of healing comes with accepting that this is a part of life; there are some relationships that are so poisonous that they destroy ones ability to be healthy and function best. Dr. Sherrie Campbell clarifies how parents, adult children, siblings, grandparents, and in-laws can be toxic while giving direction on how to explain cutting ties to children and others who may not understand. When readers are able to bring closure to those toxic relationships, they give themselves the space to love those family members from a distance, as fellow human beings, with the knowledge that it is unwise to remain connected. In But Its Your Family, readers learn how to love themselves in the process and fundamentally change their lives for the better.