Change Without Pain by Eric Abrahamson
Change Without Pain by Eric Abrahamson

Change Without Pain

How Managers Can Overcome Initiative Overload, Organizational Chaos, and Employee Burnout
by Eric Abrahamson
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A refreshingly non-revolutionary approach to change based on ten years of research that shows how transitions can be effective, cost-efficient, and painless

In this powerful and refreshing book, he outlines a positive new approach to change called “creative recombination.” Rather than obliterating and then reinventing anew—the change approach advocated by most gurus and “experts” over the last twenty years—creative recombination seeks sustainable, repeatable transformation by using the firm’s existing resources more wisely.

Abrahamson identifies five key elements that every company has—people, structures, culture, processes, and networks—and offers a broad toolkit of techniques for recombining, reusing, and redeploying these resources to achieve smoother, more cost-efficient, less painful organizational change.