Churchill's War Lab by Taylor Downing
Churchill's War Lab by Taylor Downing

Churchill's War Lab

Code Breakers, Boffins and Innovators: the Mavericks Churchill Led to Victory
by Taylor Downing
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As a young boy he re-enacted historic battles with toy soldiers, as a soldier he saw action on three continents and as the Prime Minister only a direct edict from King George VI could keep him from joining the troops on D-Day. CHURCHILL'S WAR LAB will reveal how Churchill's passion for military history, his unique leadership style and his patronization of radical new ideas would lead to new technology and new tactics that would save lives and enable an Allied victory. No war generated more incredible theories, more technical advances, more scientific leaps or more pioneering work that lay the foundation for the post-war computer revolution. And it was Churchill's dogged determination and enthusiasm for revolutionary ideas that fuelled this extraordinary outpouring of British genius. From the co-author of COLD WAR comes an exciting new take on Churchill's war leadership and the story of a complex, powerful and inventive war leader.