Consequences by Philippe Djian
Consequences by Philippe Djian
Consequences by Philippe Djian
Consequences by Philippe Djian


A Novel

by Philippe Djian

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Events spin seriously out of control after a college professor wakes up beside the dead body of one of his students in this intense, mesmerizing literary thriller from France’s #1 bestselling author.

Marc, a professor of creative writing at a French university, realized early on that he was never going to be a famous novelist. Instead he discovered a different gift: his ability to seduce women, effortlessly. One night Marc brings home his student Barbara, only to discover, to his horror, her lifeless body lying next to him the next day. Instead of calling the police, he mysteriously disposes of her body in a remote gorge—a choice that alters his life and reveals the haunting effects of his tortured childhood.

A few days later, Barbara’s stepmother arrives on campus, and Marc’s immediate attraction to her causes serious repercussions. The romance sparks fire between Marc and his sister Marianne, threatening to undo their intense bond and uncover the secrets of their shared history. And as the police make no headway in their search for Barbara’s killer, Marc begins to lose himself in cigarettes and his newfound love.

From celebrated French suspense writer Phillipe Djian, described as having “no equal, amongst French authors, as the interrogator of the relationships that bind human beings together” (French Vogue), Consequences is a dark, sexually driven page-turner about a bad twist of fate that threatens to destroy one man’s life forever.