Digital Marketing Analytics by Chuck Hemann, Ken Burbary
Digital Marketing Analytics by Chuck Hemann, Ken Burbary

Digital Marketing Analytics

Making Sense of Consumer Data in a Digital World
by Chuck Hemann, Ken Burbary
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Today, most organizations are gathering enormous amounts of digital data, from more sources than ever before. The challenge is to transform that data into actionable, profitable knowledge. It's difficult, but absolutely doable -- and the rewards are enormous. Now, world-class digital marketing analytics experts Chuck Hemann and Ken Burbary help you chop the problem down to size, solve every piece of the puzzle, and integrate a virtually frictionless system for moving from data to decision, action to results.
Combining hands-on tutorial with high-level strategic insight, they help you: * Set priorities * Choose tools, implement them, and make them useful to the entire organization * Use analysis to craft experiences that reflect each customer's needs, expectations, and behaviors * Measure real social media ROI: sales, leads, satisfaction * Track all paid, earned, and owned social media channels * Establish forward-looking market intelligence that benefits the entire business * Leverage "listening data" for strategic planning, R and D, and HR * Use customer support data from new channels to improve existing customer care systems * Start optimizing web/social content in real time * Accurately measure influence * Make the most of surveys, focus groups, and offline research synergies * Introduce strong measurement fundamentals on new platforms * Focus new investments where they deliver the most value * Build a case for expanding digital activities in digital-averse organizations * And much more