East and West by Chris Patten
East and West by Chris Patten

East and West

China, Power and the Future of Asia
by Chris Patten
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From the last governor of Hong Kong, a controversial, astute, and thought-provoking analysis of the Asian phenomenon and the future of economic and political liberty in China and East Asia in the next century.

For Chris Patten, Hong Kong was an extraordinary vantage point from which to view the growing economic and political power of China and East Asia over the last five years. As a free colony of the British Empire and the apex of an economic success story, it benefited from the development of the Chinese economy as surely as it contributed to that economic miracle. In a political move which marked the twilight years of the Empire, Hong Kong was finally handed back to Communist China in June 1997. East and West is Chris Patten’s account of the current Asian phenomenon and an astute analysis of China as a rapidly growing world power.

The handover of Hong Kong challenged Britain’s liberal conscience. With China looming in the background, it was impossible to build a platform of independence and political democracy as had been constructed in other colonial territories. East and West focuses on Chris Patten’s key disputes with China over questions of democratic election, civil liberties, and Hong Kong’s independence; but, more importantly, it examines the larger picture of the Asian value system. Can you have economic change without political change? Can democratic rule guarantee fair play between economic competitors?

There can be no doubt that Asia is a potentially formidable competitor to Europe and the United States, but Communist China lies at the heart of Asian development. In his intelligent and thought-provoking book, Chris Patten examines the implications of China’s economic reforms and sets out the key political agendas for the future – not only for the East, but also for the West.