Eileen Gray by Charlotte Malterre-Barthes
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Eileen Gray by Charlotte Malterre-Barthes

Eileen Gray

A House Under the Sun
by Charlotte Malterre-Barthes

Illustrated or Penciled by Zosia Dzierżawska
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Meet Eileen Gray, the female architect behind the world-renowned E-1027 house and a pioneer of the Modern Movement in architecture.

In 1924, her work began in earnest on a small villa by the sea in the south of France. Nearly a century later, this structure is a design milestone. But like so many gifted female artists and designers of her time, Eileen Gray’s story has been eclipsed by the men with whom she collaborated. Dzierżawska’s exquisite visuals illuminate the previously overlooked struggles and triumphs of a young queer Irish designer whose work and life came to bloom during the ‘Années Folles’ of early 20th century Paris.