Exercise Echange Program by James M. Rippe
Exercise Echange Program by James M. Rippe

Exercise Echange Program

Unique System that Allows You to Design Your Own Diet
by James M. Rippe
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"The Exercise Exchange Program" is for anyone who has ever found diet and fitness programs restrictive, regimented, dull, and just plain ineffective. It's a proven and flexible alternative that adds variety and interest to your current plan, or helps you create one of your own.

Dr. James M. Rippe, author of the bestselling "Rockport Walking Program", has developed an innovative concept of nutritional and exercise "exchanges" that lets you mix and match many different foods and activities as you develop a plan designed to fit your own unique tastes and needs. You'll learn:

The six food categories and how to balance them

How to participate in a different activity every day (including housework and gardening, as well as conventional exercise) and still get a complete workout

Dr. Rippe's complete 30-day exercise and diet program

Finally, "The Exercise Exchange Program" includes more than 100 delicious new low-fat recipes to get you started on the road to lasting health.