Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg
Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg

Falling Angel

(No Exit Press 18 Years Classic)
by William Hjortsberg
For New York private investigator Harry Angel, it's just another job for the missing persons file. An enigmatic client wants him to track down famous 40s crooner Johnny Favorite. The problem is, the singer was last seen in a hospital upstate more than fifteen years ago. And Johnny's current whereabouts-and his fate-are shrouded in mystery.With a trail as cold as stone, Angel delves into Favorite's murky past, discovering the singer had shocking connections to seamy carnival sideshows, black magic, and a grisly voodoo cult. And the deeper Angel digs, the further he descends into a dark underworld, where someone as evil as the blackest of shadows holds all the chilling answers.