Illustrated Masques

Illustrated Masques

Masques Stories in Graphic Format

Curated by J. N. Williamson, Illustrated or Penciled by Mark Evans, Contributions by F. Paul Wilson, Robert E. Weinberg, Illustrated or Penciled by Ted Naifeh, Jose Pimentel, Contributions by Mort Castle, Jacket design or artwork by Clive Barker, Contributions by Stephen King, Robert R. McCammon, Wayne Allen Sallee, Illustrated or Penciled by Tim Vigil, Matt Thompson, Mike Okamoto, Apriyadai Kushbiantoro, Daniel Indro, Cristina de Lara Stockler, Andy B. Clarkson, Contributions by Paul Dale Anderson, Illustrated or Penciled by Scott Rockwell

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Paul Dale Anderson "Better Than One"
Illustrated by Jose Pimentel

Mort Castle "If You Take My Hand, My Son"
Illustrated by Mark Evans

Mort Castle "A Billion Monstrosities"
Illustrated by Tim Vigil

Stephen King "Popsy"
Illustrated by Matt Thompson

Robert R. McCammon "Nightcrawlers"
Illustrated by Ted Naifeh & Scott Rockwell

Wayne Allen Sallee "Rail Rider"
Illustrated by Mike Okamoto

Robert Weinberg "The Crushing Death"
Illustrated by Mark Evans

F. Paul Wilson "Soft"
Illustrated by The Artists of Glass House Graphics