Imperial by Steven T. Seagle
Imperial by Steven T. Seagle


by Steven T. Seagle

Illustrated or Penciled by Mark Dos Santos, Colorist Brad Simpson, Calligrapher Thomas Mauer
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Collects Imperial #1-4.

Mark is two weeks removed from his father's cremation. Mark is two weeks away from his marriage to the woman he loves. Mark has just been picked to be the only super-powered being on Earth... Imperial. Mark has some tough choices to make.An average-to-below-average guy who thought his biggest problems would be slinging dad’s ashes, learning how to waltz, and fitting into his tux for the Big Day suddenly finds that his list includes unexpected additions, like slinging super-powered punches, learning how to fly, and fitting into a spandex uniform. Add to that mix delaying laser-eye-beam training to pick the least offensive reception DJ and trying to convince earth's protector that s'mores are superior to viewing the rings of Saturn, and Mark and Imperial may have met their respective matches. But what exactly is the magic formula for “champion”?Imperial tracks one man's transformation of the other into something remarkable — but it may not be the journey either expected. A buddy book with commitment issues, Imperial is a heroic, romantic comedy that invites a fresh new look at the tried and true "passing the mantle" mythology.