In My Darkest Hour by Wilfred Santiago
In My Darkest Hour by Wilfred Santiago

In My Darkest Hour

by Wilfred Santiago
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First book by a powerful new voice in graphic lit. The Age of Anxiety has never been better depicted in comics form than in In My Darkest Hour, a modernist, mainstream graphic novel that explores the inner life of its protagonist, Omar Guerrero, a 28 year-old Latin American transient, who confronts his pervasive feelings of inadequacy, anger, guilt, and escalating alienation.

Guerrero's tumultuous sexual liaisons with younger women, an attempt to deny his fading youth, force him to question his own nature and values as he struggles between expurgating his neuroses and the evasive understanding of his existence. His peculiar relationship with Lucinda, a secluded student, gives him a vague sense of hope, a vision of a life of inner stability, and perhaps love. But old demons die hard, and the futility of his fight has him wondering how long before he finally either overcomes his pathos or succumbs to his weaknesses.

Memories and nightmares fuel Omar's fear that he might not only be losing his mind, but that perhaps, he already has. In My Darkest Hour is a harrowing meditation on human angst, painful subjectivity, and the quintessential quest of self in a seemingly bleak, uncertain and mutable world.