Life by James Fox, Keith Richards
Life by James Fox, Keith Richards


by James Fox, Keith Richards
Keith Richards' once-in-a-generation memoir recounts one of the most eventful, influential and closely watched lives of modern times. No other major rock band has been creating music and magic together so continuously. They recorded some of the most enduring songs of our times including 'Satisfaction', 'Jumping Jack Flash', 'Honky Tonk Woman' and 'Start Me Up', written by Keith and his writing partner and Stones vocalist Mick Jagger. Born in Dartford in Kent in December 1943 in the same cottage hospital as Jagger had been delivered five months earlier, Keith's personal roots were in the south of England. But his musical roots were in R&B and it was this that brought him together with Mick, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman and Brian Jones. From the first tiny club gigs where there was barely room to shake and rattle, never mind roll, the band soon gravitated to huge international stadiums with its groundbreakingly dramatic act. This is the story of The Greatest Rock n' Roll Band in the world as only Keith can tell it. He describes not only how the music evolved but supplies the truth and context to the tales of sex, drugs, guns, more drugs and of course rock n'roll and the timeless music that have helped define the band's international reputation.