More Bitter Than Death
by Asa Traff, Camilla Grebe
(*)(*)(*)(*)( )(12)
On a rainy autumn evening, five-year-old Tilde witnesses her mother being brutally kicked to death as she hides under the kitchen table. In another part of town, therapist Siri and her colleague Aina meet a whole new group of patients: they have volunteered to lead a self-help group for female victims of domestic violence, and during a number of dark evenings the women share their stories of impossible love, violence and degradation. There's Kattis who has been beaten by her ex-boyfriend and who lives under constant threat, as well as Malin - the young promising athlete who was raped after dating a guy she met online. There is also Sofi - the teenage girl beaten by her stepfather - and Sirkka - an older woman, who after several years of marriage, has come to realise that she has been physically as well as mentally abused for decades. At the same time Siri finds herself at the crossroads - will she dare to trust love: the same love that has betrayed both her and the other women before? Slowly, five-year-old Tilde's fate is intertwined with that of Siri and the other women, and the search for atonement and rehabilitation turns into the hunt for a murderer.

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