Nightwing Vol.3 #7 by Kyle Higgins
Nightwing Vol.3 #7 by Kyle Higgins

Nightwing Vol.3 #7

Turning Points

by Kyle Higgins

Illustrated or Penciled by Eddy Barrows, Geraldo Borges, Artist or Inker Paulo Siqueira, Eber Ferreira, Colorist Rodrigo Reis, Jacket design or artwork by Eddy Barrows

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Nightwing vs. Saiko! The truth about Haly's Circus! A tribute show for the Flying Graysons! They're all in this amazing issue! Of course, there's no way they could be related...right? Plus: As the answers regarding Haly's Circus are revealed, what do they mean for Dick Grayson's future in Gotham City? And more important, his future as Nightwing? Be here to find out!