Nocturnals Volume One by Dan Brereton
Nocturnals Volume One by Dan Brereton

Nocturnals Volume One

Black Planet and Other Stories

by Dan Brereton

Illustrated or Penciled by Dan Brereton, Curated by Thomas Negovan

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Doc Horror knows there are sinister forces at work trying to bring the downfall of the human race. An outcast, Doc Horror is forced to live by the dark of night, and there he finds compatriots who must also shun the light of day. Polychrome, The Gunwitch, Starfish, Firelion, Komodo, and The Raccoon join Doc in his mission to save this planet - and they don't care how many monsters stand in their way! The first of three hardcovers reprinting the entire critically acclaimed Nocturnals storyline, dramatically oversized to show off every ghastly, spectral detail! Each volume contains the addition of new story material- all in preparation for the relaunch of the series on the Nocturnals' 13th anniversary in 2007! Volume 1 contains the original six issue Bravura mini-series Black Planet, the Witching Hour story arc from Dark Horse Presents, an all-new crime noir story of Doc Horror and the Raccoon entitled Clean Hands, and a lengthy afterword by Dan Brereton about the origins of the Nocturnals.