Not Quite the Diplomat by Chris Patten
Not Quite the Diplomat by Chris Patten

Not Quite the Diplomat

Home Truths About World Affairs
by Chris Patten
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"Not Quite the Diplomat" describes what has been happening in Britain, Europe and the world since 1997 from the perspective of one at the heart of international events. In examining how we got to where we are, he writes candidly about many of the major players and what happened behind closed doors. In arguing about where we should be, he writes with the directness of a man freed at last from the bonds of diplomatic restraint. Will the British still be trying to work out who we are and what we want to be as the world moves on? How far can Europe expand and is Europe all a terrible mistake or where our destiny lies? Does the old, fractured Western alliance still have the time and the will to shape the world before the rise of India and China? Chris Patten's answers to these questions are pungent and devastatingly well informed. No recent book by a politician of any political persuasion has been so engaging, so outspoken and often so funny. If Chris Patten is no longer the diplomat, it is the readers of this book who are the beneficiaries.