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Account deletedAnonymous wrote a review
Peter Carey never lets you down! This is probably his best novel so far. Funny, witty, entertaining, written in a magnificent prose, this book will capture you and will not let you go until you have reached the last page.
rayuelarayuela wrote a review
Here is our XXIst Century Dickens. Carey at his very best (see "Oscar and Lucinda"). I strongly recommend it to all those who like a good plot, full of events, humour, irony and lively characters on a substantial - but not overwhelming - historical basis.
Ian HodgsonIan Hodgson wrote a review
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Typical Carey...though with problems
I've liked Carey's writing from his earliest work. He has a number of writing styles, and this is one of his more idiosyncratic novels. I enjoyed the read, though its a big tome, and I confess I think the story here ran out of steam before the book finished. A shame, as the characters are well-drawn, and the tale of a French aristrocrat sent (against his will) to the nascent US was funny and compelling. But in the end overlong and lost its way towards the close. I prefer Carey's more punchy works, such as 'Theft: A Love Story'. He's still essentially a great writer though.
LFrigLFrig wrote a review
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This was painful. It took me about 300 pages to realise I would never get into it. I had a similar experience with the Kelly Gang, so I fear Carey's style doesn't do it for me.