Pot Pourri by Eugenio Cambaceres
Pot Pourri by Eugenio Cambaceres

Pot Pourri

Whistlings of an Idler
by Eugenio Cambaceres

Read by Josefina Ludmer, Translated by Lisa Dillman
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Eugenio Cambaceres was the first to introduce the naturalist manner of Emile Zola to Argentinean literature in the late 19th century. The work of Cambaceres, a precursor to the contemporary Argentinean novel, is crucial for an understanding of the period of consolidation of Argentina, the formation of a national identity and especially for the role of the intellectual during that transition. This generation theoretically and methodically built up a literature with features of its own, stressing the cultural primacy of Buenos Aires par excellence, to enhance the evolution of the cosmopolitan metropolis. A rich dandy narrates "Pot Pourri", relating a story of marriage and adultery during the carnival celebrations. The volume editor, Josefina Ludmer, describes the dandy as an ambiguous protagonist who acts both as a reflection and a critic of the liberal state.