Scalped by Jason Aaron
Scalped by Jason Aaron


Book Three

by Jason Aaron

Illustrated or Penciled by R. M. Guera, Artist or Inker Davide Furnò, Francesco Francavilla, Colorist Lee Loughridge, Giulia Brusco

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Against all odds, undercover FBI agent Dash Bad Horse has managed to keep his cover intact while gaining the trust of Lincoln Red Crow, the man whose criminal empire he's been tasked with bringing down. But like everything on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation, the road has been dirty and dangerous, with death always just a slip of the tongue away. Tough as he is, Dash is starting to buckle under the pressure -- and after the brutal murder of his mother, the job has finally pushed him over a line he never intended to cross.Now, just when he needs all his wits to navigate the ever-shifting web of intrigue around him, Dash has numbed himself blind with sex, booze and heroin -- and three decades' worth of secrets are about to explode all over the rez.In Scalped Book Three, acclaimed writer Jason Aaron (Original Sin, Southern Bastards) and artist R.M. Guéra (Batman Eternal, Django Unchained) deepen their generational saga of crime, betrayal and redemption, with guest art by Davide Furnò and Francesco Francavilla and covers by Jock. Collects issues #25-34.