The American Presidency by Michael Nelson, Sidney M. Milkis
The American Presidency by Michael Nelson, Sidney M. Milkis

The American Presidency

Origins and Development, 1776-2007, 5th Edition (American Presidency)
by Michael Nelson, Sidney M. Milkis
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Now in a new fifth edition, "The American Presidency: Origins and Development, 1776-2007" - winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award for History, Politics, and Philosophy - examines both the constitutional precepts of the presidency and the social, economic, political, and international conditions that continue to shape it. Authors Sidney Milkis and Michael Nelson analyze the origins of the modern presidency and discuss the patterns of presidential conduct that developed during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and continue into the twenty-first. With careful consideration of every presidential administration, attention is focused more on how individual presidents shaped the institution, and less on the idiosyncrasies of their personalities. Unlike other texts on the presidency that divide executive politics into discrete topical chapters, "The American Presidency" integrates all aspects of the presidency into a dynamic whole and examines the variation of presidential relationships and roles from administration to administration. Students gain both an understanding of the office as it really exists and a solid historical foundation from which to better appreciate its evolution.
Thoroughly updated, the fifth edition provides complete coverage of the George W. Bush administration, up to and including the 2004 and 2006 elections. The authors meticulously take into account new research on the presidency, while continuing to refine the writing and analysis of what has become a classic in the field.