The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
by Francis Scott Fitzgerald
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'This story was inspired by a remark of Mark Twain's to the effect that it was a pity that the best part of life came at the beginning and the worst part at the end. By trying the experiment upon only one man in a perfectly normal world I have scarcely given his ideas a fair trial.' Fitzgerald's thought-provoking tale, 'THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON' is a fantastical satire about aging. It is the strange and haunting story of Benjamin Button who is born as an old man and ages backwards so that at the beginning of his life he is an old man and at the end of his life he is a baby.

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nemoratnemorat wrote a review
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Not its full potential
Style and narration penalise this story, that could have been much better. More than a thought-through narrative, it seems an experiment, or a first draft, ready (and needing and asking) for great things to be injected in it. The book greatly suffers from big influences by the XIX century style: the base idea is quite good, in some parts even original, but the style is quite terrible and the narration doesn't offer many handholds for the reader's interest. The metaphors and underlying meaning(s) result weakened.
NandoNando wrote a review
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La storia è abbastanza originale.
Ma lo stile è terribile e soprattutto le descrizioni sono molto macabre.
Account deletedAnonymous wrote a review
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Very 23Very 23 wrote a review
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Dal film al libro...un abisso
E' il mio film preferito, Il curioso caso di Benjamin Button, ogni volta che lo guardo, puntualmente, mi ritrovo in lacrime... C'é qualcosa di potente nella storia, questa inafferrabilitá, il fluire della vita, lo scontrarsi con le esperienze e il via vai di persone che ti segnano. Nel libro non c'é il capitano Mike con il suo colibrí e il movimento di ali che segna l'infinito, non esiste l'uomo colpito dai fulmini, né il pigmeo, la dolce signora, di cui Benjamin non ricorda il nome, che gli insegnó a suonare il piano, ma soprattutto manca Daisy...Non esiste il messaggio di partire da zero ogni volta che qualcosa va storta, di trovare il tempo per ricominciare e rendere ogni giorno speciale e ricco... Nel libro c'é solo una sciatta moglie in decadenza, nessun amore potente, manca l'atmosfera di quell'epoca, tutto si svolge frettolosamente, solo verso la fine si avverte un pó di dolcezza e dramma, ma nulla confronto al capolavoro cinematografico. Trovo solo un pregio, l'aver dato l'input per la creazione del film.
Chiara CiolfiChiara Ciolfi wrote a review
In English version, please. :)
Danielle DDanielle D wrote a review
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Great short story
I read this book, enjoyed it, and then the film came out and now all I think of when this book is mentioned is Brad Pitt and an ugly little old baby. The book kept me intrigued, the film just turned it into an American love story like every other Hollywood movie.
Account deletedAnonymous wrote a review
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Spoiler Alert
It is a very interesting read that I quite like. The first chapter is pretty humorous, Mr. Button's terrifying (but comical) first encounter with his newborn "baby" brought me some chuckles. As the story progresses, however, the pace is picked up and the readers can start feeling the tension and disconnect that Benjamin is constantly having with the real world. When he marries a charming woman his age, he faces criticism as the public deems it shameful for a woman to marry such an "old" man. However after some years later the public soon forgets about this and feels sorry for Benjamin instead, for he is stuck with a woman that looks at least twenty years older than him. These kind of struggles are never-ending - Benjamin is usually incapable of doing what his mind craves to do, as his physical condition is always too old or too young to accomplish it. The story ends with a bittersweet note; on one hand the readers feel relieved that Benjamin is finally over with his misery, but at the same time they feel sad that all those memories and experiences that Benjamin once has lived are no longer remembered, as if they never existed. It is a very thought-provoking story and despite its shortness (it can be easily finished in an hour) the impact it leaves on its readers' minds is prodigious.
RipplecloudRipplecloud wrote a review
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Funny off the bat
There was some really humorous writing from the start, but it sort of taper off into pretty matter of fact narration in the second half of it and it ended. And as with benjamin's final days till the chapter closed, it was as if nothing happened.
MisiaMisia wrote a review
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Alquanto insignificante!!!!
翎 wrote a review
It is not the sensible thing .