The Gunwitch by Dan Brereton, Ted Naifeh
The Gunwitch by Dan Brereton, Ted Naifeh

The Gunwitch

Outskirts of Doom

by Dan Brereton, Ted Naifeh

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The Gunwitch, silent and deadly bodyguard to the misfit family of monstrous heroes known as the Nocturnals, breaks away in his first solo adventure! When the pistol-packing Gunwitch and his young charge, Evening Horror, find themselves in a small town ravaged by undead outlaws and true Hell's Angels - motorcycle ridin' vampires - the Gunwitch takes it upon himself to bring down both groups before any more innocents can be hurt. But as the undead protector embroils himself in the conflict, what once seemed to be an old fashioned turf war is revealed to be something much more sinister. Writer Dan Brereton (Nocturnals, Giantkiller) and artist Ted Naifeh (Gloomcookie) mix the American Spaghetti Western and drive-in horror with a hard-boiled sense of gallows humor. You'll never leave your night-light off again.