The Orville Season 2.5 by David A. Goodman
The Orville Season 2.5 by David A. Goodman

The Orville Season 2.5


by David A. Goodman

Illustrated or Penciled by David Cabeza, Colorist Michael Atiyeh, Calligrapher Richard Starkings, Jimmy Betancourt




In 'Digressions,' after being pulled into the future and then sent back with her memory intact, Kelly rejects Ed's offer of a second date. As a result, she, Ed, Gordon, and Claire never end up serving aboard the Orville. When Kelly realizes this will result in the destruction of Earth, she races to unravel how to bring her would-have-been crewmates together and undo this alternate timeline before the Kaylon burn the galaxy to cinders. In 'Artifacts,' Ed's old astro-archeology teacher puts the Orville in grave danger when, in pursuit of a legendary fleet of starships from a lost civilization, he leads them into a system so hazardous no ship has ever successfully navigated it. Realizing that the professor hasn t been entirely forthright, Ed must uncover the truth if the Orville is to survive this perilous endeavor. Collects The Orville #1: Digressions Part 1 of 2, The Orville #2: Digressions Part 2 of 2, The Orville #1: Artifacts Part 1 of 2, and The Orville #2: Artifacts Part 2 of 2.