The Presidency A to Z
The Presidency A to Z

The Presidency A to Z

(Presidency A to Z)

Curated by Michael Nelson, Gerhard Peters, John T. Woolley
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"The Presidency A to Z" is an invaluable tool for understanding the presidency, both historically and today and for appraising how it and the executive branch have responded to the challenges facing the nation. It provides readers with quick information and in-depth background on the presidency through a comprehensive encyclopedia of over 300 easy-to-read entries. Important new topics include: John Kerry; Article II; Clinton v. Jones; Signing Statements; Hurricane Katrina; and, Mount Rushmore. Readers will find: Biographies of every president and many others important to the office; Explanations of broader concepts and powers relating to the presidency; and, Discussions of relations with Congress, the Supreme Court, the bureaucracy, political parties, the media, interest groups, and the public. "The Presidency A to Z" includes all the features that made earlier editions so popular: charts, tables, lists, photographs, cartoons, indexes, a bibliography, and cross-references. Now with an attention-grabbing new design, this handy reference also comes at a new lower price.