The Unforgiving #1 by Steve O'Connell
The Unforgiving #1 by Steve O'Connell

The Unforgiving #1

Perdition + Penance, Part One
by Steve O'Connell

Illustrated or Penciled by Romano Molenaar, Artist or Inker Le Beau Underwood, Colorist Ada Zhu
(*)(*)(*)(*)( )(2)
A powerful medium, Mother Maiden recruits lost souls to be part of her wraith taskforce to fight evil in all its forms. What better way to hunt serial killers than to use killers? Their servants are culled from genuinely remorseful souls; ones who may not have been cold-blooded killers, but those who did in turn take a life and are deeply sorry for their sins. Guilt can be a powerful motivator…and redemption, even greater. They each carry a specific guilt about something they did in their lives. Mother Maiden offers them an opportunity to “make right what is wrong” by giving them missions and assignments to hunt down evil as a penance for their previous sins.