Too Much Coffee Man by Shannon Wheeler
Too Much Coffee Man by Shannon Wheeler

Too Much Coffee Man

Parade of Tirade
by Shannon Wheeler
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Too Much Coffee Man has been applauded by both the Washington Post and Wired Magazine. Now, he takes control as the eminent icon of caffeine culture in his new book: Too Much Coffee Man`s Parade of Tirade. Fill your cup with dark satire, and drink deep from these thoughtful, award-winning comics. Witness TMCM`s secret origin! Marvel as our hero battles corporate oppression! Experience the anxiety of the author as he claws his way to the top! Gawk at Joel as he throws up on his girlfriend`s doorstep! And revel in Too Much Coffee Man`s wisdom: If you can`t be happy naturally, be unnaturally happy. This book collects through issue #8 of the original Too Much Coffee Man comic books, along with some new material. It`s a complete book. All the characters are motivated. All the cliffhangers are resolved. All the plot threads are tied up. And all the jokes have punch lines.