Undertaker, Vol. 2 by Beau Smith
Undertaker, Vol. 2 by Beau Smith

Undertaker, Vol. 2

by Beau Smith

Illustrated or Penciled by Manny Clark, Artist or Inker Sandu Florea, Colorist John Merrifield, Jason Jensen

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More 100 per cent pure WWF attitude - in a graphic novel! The superstars of the World Wrestling Federation have arrived, starring in their own fast and furious, comic strip of action, conflict and adventure. Awe-inspiring figures such as Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mankind star in an explosive feast of pure fighting fury. The characters featured in Titan's WWF series are all massive fan favourites and tie-in closely to the official mythos built up around the TV and live events. In this second Undertaker collection, the mystical mauler and his new ally, Paul Bearer, must play the part of heroes to save planet Earth from destructive rampage of Soulvex, the black arts behemoth under the control of The Embalmer. All this plus Kane and his sister, Jezebel. An all-out feast of fiendish fighting fury!