Will Storr versus the Supernatural by Will Storr
Will Storr versus the Supernatural by Will Storr

Will Storr versus the Supernatural

One Man's Search for the Truth About Ghosts
by Will Storr
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Will Storr doesn't believe in ghosts. Not, that is, until he is sent on a journalistic assignment to follow Lou Gentile, a Demonologist from Philadelphia. What Will expects to be a straightforward piece, poking gentle fun at an amusing eccentric, turns into a terrifying nightmare of spectral ghost lights, suburban possession and horrific demonic growling. It is an experience that instantly demolishes all of his safe, adult preconceptions. In an effort to unravel what happened, Will sets out on a journey to find the truth about ghosts. He meets professional paranormal investigators, trance mediums, a sceptical monsterologist and a pair of black magic vigilantes from Worthing. He takes part in seances and vigils; tries out divining rods and ouija boards; experiments with Electronic Voice Phenomena and spends a week in the most haunted house in Britain. He also seeks out sceptical voices from the worlds of clinical psychology and philosophy, has tea, cake and a worrying chat with the legendary ghost investigator Maurice Grosse, goes on set with TV's Most Haunted, and is exorcised in Rome by the Vatican's chief exorcist.
Will's journey is full of bizarre, terrifying and hilarious experiences. From the sceptics to the professionals to the outright quacks, each encounter fascinates, entertains and leads him to new insights into life, death and what might come after.