Paola Antonelli

37 Books

Design Emergency. Builiding a Better Future by Alice Rawsthorn, Paola Antonelli
Plastica addio by Chiara Spadaro, Elisa Nicoli, Paola Antonelli
Broken Nature
Broken Nature
Bio Design by William Myers
Le mani in pasta
Bio Design by Paola Antonelli, William Myers
Bio Design by Paola Antonelli, William Myers
Talk to Me by Paola Antonelli
Abitare: 50 Years of Design by Paola Antonelli
British Design
British Design
Ron Arad by Paola Antonelli
Digital by Design by Conny Freyer, Eva Rucki, Sebastien Noel
American Design by Paola Antonelli
Italian Design by Paola Antonelli
Gabellini by Michael Gabellini
Design and the Elastic Mind by Hugh Aldersey-Williams, Peter Hall, Ted Sargent
Exit to Tomorrow by Paola Antonelli, Udo Kultermann
日常設計經典100 by Paola Antonelli
Humble Masterpieces by Paola Antonelli