Dennis Hopeless

138 Books

Suicide squad vol. 3 by Dennis Hopeless, Jeremy Adams, Robbie Thompson, Tim Sheridan
Suicide squad vol. 2 by Dennis Hopeless, Robbie Thompson
X-O Manowar. Vol. 1 by Dennis Hopeless, Emilio Laiso, Ruth Redmond
La vendetta del Ghost rider cosmico by Dennis Hopeless, Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw
Vader by Brian Level, Dennis Hopeless, Paolo Villanelli
Velocity. Marvel's Spider-Man by Dennis Hopeless
Marvel's Spider-Man vol. 1 by Dennis Hopeless, Michele Bandini
Infinity Wars vol. 8 by Dennis Hopeless, Gerry Duggan
Infinity Wars vol. 7 by Dennis Hopeless
Doctor Strange vol. 5 by Dennis Hopeless, John Barber
Jean Grey 2 by Dennis Hopeless
Wwe by Dennis Hopeless
WWE 2 by Dennis Hopeless
Doctor Strange n. 35 by Dennis Hopeless, Jefte Palo, Niko Henrichon, Rick Remender
Doctor Strange 5 by Dennis Hopeless
Bloodstone & the Legion of Monsters by Dennis Hopeless
All-New X-Men Inevitable 4 by Dennis Hopeless
WWE 1 by Dennis Hopeless
I Nuovissimi X-Men n. 51 by Dennis Hopeless, Juan Doe, Paco Diaz Luque
I Nuovissimi X-Men n. 50 by Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, Dennis Hopeless