Jesse Scoble

6 Books

Beyond the Wall
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying by Cam Banks, Jesse Scoble, Matt Forbeck, Philippe-Antoine Ménard, Rob Donoghue
Shadows of Mexico by Chuck Wendig, Jesse Scoble, Ray Fawkes, Travis Stout, Will Hindmarch
The Authority by Jesse Scoble, John Snead, Matt Forbeck
Shadow Games by Adam Tinworth, Ann Braidwood, Bruce Graw, Jesse Scoble, Jonathan Leistiko, Kraig Blackwelder, Sharon Cichelli, Tim Dedopulos, Zev Shlasinger
The Bones by Chuck Wendig, Fred Hicks, Greg Costikyan, James Lowder, Jared Sorensen, Jason L. Blair, Jeff Tidball, Jesse Scoble, Jess Hartley, John Kovalic, Keith Baker, Kenneth Hite, Matt Forbeck, Mike Selinker, Monica Valentinelli, Pat Harrigan, Paul Tevis, Ray Fawkes, Russ Pitts, Will Hindmarch, Wil Wheaton