Anobii is a vertical social network, dedicated to book lovers and all readers. Anobii is the richest source of information on books in Italy and the most independent. Sign up and search Anobii to find useful, interesting information on millions of books, share opinions with other readers, and see what other Anobiians think by reading their reviews and opinions. On Anobii, you can find over two and a half million reviews and twenty-five million ratings given to books, all strictly neutral and written by other Anobiians. On Anobii, you can also organise your shelves and keep track of your reading. What's more, if you want to, you can exchange your books with other users.

On Anobii you can also: build and update your profile and see that of the other Anobiians, create your shelves and your wish list, catalogue, review and rate books that you read, add to and see your reading statistics, create and participate in groups, discussions and collections, search the shelves of other Anobiians, follow them and exchange private messages with them...in short, you can take part in community life and contribute to enriching its content, ideas and initiatives.

All the contents of Anobii can be searched even without being an Anobii member. You must open an account in order to take part in activities, like building your own shelves, writing reviews or participating in discussions. The only information required to open an account is an e-mail and nickname. All other information is optional, though obviously useful in order to provide better service.

In a nutshell, Anobii is where book lovers call home.