About Us


This is Anobii. We enjoy reading good books and good comics. If you like reading good books and exchanging ideas with others, you're in the right place.

Anobii is a free and independent community of readers. We read, share and comment on books suggested by the community. We discover new books based on our interests and our relationships, not through advertising-driven recommendations. In fact, Anobii is the place where you can discover interesting books and keep track of what you've read. To be clear: we are not book experts, nor do we expect all Anobians to be writers or critics: our goal to read more together (or alone), to inspire and to be inspired, to learn, to meet new friends. In short: sharing interesting ideas. To learn and have fun, and to find the next book to read.

On Anobii, you can create your own virtual library out of the 11+ million books and comics from our database (and if one is missing, you can always add it yourself), create your wishlist, read book quotes, join discussions, find other Anobians to follow and exchange ideas with, as well as read their reviews and notes.

Anobii is open to anyone, but not to any behavior. In fact, we want all users to feel safe on Anobii. Because the books, comics, ideas and people that are part of Anobii are always respectful of each and every member of our community, and we trust you'll share the same core values.

Anobii is all this. And much more.