The Science Fiction Century, Volume One
by Adam Wisniewski-Snerg, Alfred Elton Van Vogt, Algis Budrys, C.S. Lewis, Charles Harness, Connie Willis, Dino Buzzati, E.M. Forster, Edgar Pangborn, Frank Belknap Long, H. G. Welles, Hal Clement, Jack London, James Blish, James Morrow, James Tiptree Jr., Lino Aldani, Margaret St. Clair, Michael Shaara, Michael Swanwick, Mildred Glingerman, Philip Jose Farmer, Poul Anderson, Rudyard Kipling, William Tenn, Wolfgang Jeschke
(*)(*)(*)(*)( )(1)
- Introducion, by David G. Hartwell
- Beam us home, by James Tiptree Jr.
- Ministering angels, by C. S. Lewis
- The music master or Babylon, by Edgar Pangborn
- A story of the days to come, by H. G. Welles
- Hot planet, by Hal Clement
- A work of art, by James Blish
- The machine stops, b
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