Fooled by Randomness

the Hidden Role of Chance in the Markets and in Life

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Ha scritto il 05/05/14
An easier read than the Black Swan
By the author of Black Swan but written before it. This book has made Nassim famous but also "hated" in some quarters for his show no mercy comments. I read Black Swan before this book, and like both. In a way, Fooled by Randomness is an easier read...Continua
Ha scritto il 17/11/13
這禮拜看了《隨機的致富陷阱:解開生活中的機率之謎》(Fooled by randomness : the hidden role of chance in the markets and in life)。作者是 Taleb, Nassim Nicholas,他的新作也就是這幾年知名度很高的《黑天鵝效應》。其實這本書裡頭所講的可以跟快思慢想做相呼應,都是談論人類思維裡對於機率概念的偏見。不過這本書用250頁的篇幅只談一個概念,就是隨機性。 世界是複雜的,我們的生活中有太多的東西是透過隨機性而產生...Continua
Ha scritto il 03/05/13

"過去績效不能代表未來績效" 這句在常見於銷售基金DM下方的警示小句,正可以表示很多投資"專家"的成功是無法複製的,因為那根本是運氣。

Ha scritto il 04/01/13
A book to re-read
It provided me with a great literature review on philosophy, behavioral economics/psychology and upheld the beliefs that I hold... but in a more structured manner. As such, I will re-read it when I find myself particularly at the mercy of my (irratio...Continua
Ha scritto il 23/01/11
At least, be aware
In his witty, informative, sober yet often ludicrous and sarcastic tone, Taleb expounds on the simple yet unsolvable problem of inference. This problem is as old as Solon at least, who already warned against the human tendency to infer from little em...Continua

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