Handbook of Organizational Learning and Knowledge
Handbook of Organizational Learning and Knowledge

Handbook of Organizational Learning and Knowledge

Curated by John Child, Meinolf Dierkes, Ikujiro Nonaka, Ariane Berthoin Antal
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In an era of far-reaching changes, issues of Organizational Learning are high on the agenda of management academics and managers worldwide as they seek to adapt to new environments. The Handbook of Organizational Learning and Knowledge provides a comprehensive overview of how the concept of Organizational Learning emerged, how it has been used and debated, and where it may be going. It summarizes the state of the art and provides a full account of the diverse approaches, themes, issues, and debates of the field. The handbook unites a distinguished team of international authors, who examine both the central themes and emergent issues of importance. The coverage extends beyond the American and European traditions to include the experiences of Asia and the Middle East. Divided into nine parts, the book opens with chapters drawing insights from various social science approaches. Parts Two to Five examine fundamental issues concerning the external triggers, factors and conditions, agents, and processes of Organizational Learning. Part Six reviews the subject within a global context, looking in particular at inter-organizational collaboration. Part Seven examines the development of learning practices, while Part Eight provides case studies to illustrate Organizational Learning and knowledge creation. The book concludes with an analysis of the state of the art and an agenda for the future. This handbook will be an invaluable reference tool for scholars and students in the social sciences, as well as for professionals involved in organizational development, learning, and change.
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Aug 2, 2001



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