Maths for Science by Pat Murphy, Sally Jordan, Shelagh Ross
Maths for Science by Pat Murphy, Sally Jordan, Shelagh Ross

Maths for Science

by Pat Murphy, Sally Jordan, Shelagh Ross
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Maths is a tool for representing and investigating the nature of the real world: it can simplify the huge complexity of natural processes, enabling us to make predictions and test assumptions. Without maths, the process of scientific enquiry would quickly stall. Yet, for many, maths is seen as a daunting, theory-filled subject, with little relevance to the real world. Maths for Science overturns these misconceptions by providing a confidence-boosting overview of essential mathematical skills and techniques. With examples and practice problems throughout, it shows in a clear, unintimidating style why maths is so important to the study of science, and encourages you to develop the essential skills for yourself. Building from the foundations of maths - numbers, fractions, and units and scales of measurement - the book leads you through a range of widely-used skills and concepts, including the handling of equations, logarithms, and the essentials of differentiation, probability and statistics, to provide a complete course of essential maths for science.
Online Resource Centre For registered adopters of the text: - Figures from the book in electronic format For students: - Additional exercises, with solutions, to supplement those in the book itself - A flashcard glossary to help you master the essential terminology
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