Compacts and Cosmetics by Madeleine Marsh
Compacts and Cosmetics by Madeleine Marsh

Compacts and Cosmetics

Beauty from Victorian Times to the Present Day
by Madeleine Marsh
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From the dawn of time women have removed their body hair, covered up their natural odours and plastered their skin with everything from white lead to soot in order to make themselves feel more beautiful. Style expert Madelaine Marsh explores the history of make-up and researches the origins of our everyday cosmetic rituals. She goes back to Ancient Egypt to reveal the literal foundationof make-up and takes us up to the modern day world of Botox and bling. She chronicles the rise of the modern cosmetics industry and tells the story of some of the great pioneers who helped transform make-up from a guilty secret into an everyday handbag essential. Vintage beauty items are now increasingly sought after and this book also provides a collector's guide to powder compacts and cosmetic accessories - revealing the collectable make-up that you shouldn't throw away even if it's past its sell-by date!