Graphic Classics by Bram Stoker
Graphic Classics by Bram Stoker

Graphic Classics

Bram Stoker (Graphic Classics (Graphic Novels))

by Bram Stoker

Curated by Tom Pomplun, Illustrated or Penciled by Gerry Alanguilan, Onsmith Jeremi, J. B. Bonivert, Evert Geradts, Joe Ollmann, Hunt Emerson, Rico Schacherl, Mark A. Nelson

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"Graphic Classics: Bram Stoker" is completely revised, with an all-new comics adaptation of "Dracula" by Rich Rainey and Joe Ollmann. Returning from the first edition are "The Judge's House" by Gerry Alanguilan, "Torture Tower" by Onsmith Jeremi, and "The Lair of the White Worm" by South African artist Rico Schacherl. It also includes "The Bridal of Death", an excerpt from "The Jewel of Seven Stars" by J.B. Bonivert and "The Wondrous Child" illustrated by Evert Geradts. It comes with a sumptuous cover painting by Mark A. Nelson.