Practical Software Measurement by John McGarry
Practical Software Measurement by John McGarry

Practical Software Measurement

A Foundation for Objective Project Management
by John McGarry
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Now that software is embedded in nearly every human endeavor, measuring software's effectiveness and value has become utterly crucial. Practical Software Measurement introduces proven techniques for implementing quantitative software metrics covering quality, cost, schedule -- and demonstrates how to leverage your measurements for smarter decision-making and more efficient project management. Practical Software Measurement begins with a high-level summary of the key issues associated with software metrics, and a practical overview of what it takes to implement measurement on a software-intensive project. The authors show how to identify project issues, and build an effective measurement plan -- providing detailed tables and expert guidance on choosing the best possible metrics. Next, they review the logistics of collecting and processing data, analyzing and interpreting results -- and using the information to make more informed project decisions. Finally, they present three detailed, diverse case studies drawn from highly software-intensive projects.
The book contains a detailed glossary, bibliography, and the complete Department of Defense Implementation Guide, which has been used by thousands of software developers to implement this book's techniques.