The Quick Guide to Classroom Management by Richard James Rogers
The Quick Guide to Classroom Management
by Richard James Rogers
A no-nonsense guide to effective classroom management in a high school setting.

This is the much anticipated Third Edition of the original award-winning volume. Fully indexed and updated, this edition covers the same topics as the First and Second editions but with new information for 2021 onwards. The book begins by examining key mistakes teachers make in the 'direct realm' - i.e. when interacting face-to-face with students. These first three chapters cover rapport-building, active-engagement and behavior management as it applies in a high-school setting. Following this, the book expansively covers a range of tips, techniques and tools to engage advanced, exam-level learners and to effectively enhance the teaching process via the use of technology. The book concludes with an often overlooked sphere of teaching: how to work effectively with colleagues and parents (very powerful when strategized correctly). Bonus material on the unique challenges of teaching overseas is provided in a plenary chapter. This edition of the book has been exhaustively proofread and indexed,
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